Monday, January 24, 2005

Some Thoughts

I was just thinking of a few things.

As much as I like Unitarian Universalists, sometimes I think they go out of their way to look for oddballs they can embrace and show the world just how politically correct and inclusive they can be.

And I almost think they would invent a disability or minority group just to embrace it.

I came to this thought after reading an article in the UU World magazine...about embracing kids with disabilities. I do think it's good to do that, but the article went from physical disabilities to things like Asperger's, which to me is minor because as I understand it, Asperger's is something most people grow out of.

There are some "disabilities" or whatever you call them that I think are almost complete inventions, like ADHD or ADD. I don't ever remember anyone being diagnosed that way when I was a kid. Another one is borderline personality disorder...I've been told by a practicing psychologist that such a disorder does not exist.

I think many of THOSE kind of diagnoses are just crutches to allow people to not take responsibility for their own lives.

And it's because if anyone should have been diagnosed as any of those kind of things in her youth, it'd be me. For sure. But I never was.

I really don't think those disorders exist. It's just looking for an excuse. "Oh, he's ADHD, so don't take it personally."

No, these are not politically correct thoughts. But whenever I do have these thoughts, I picture in my head what people did with themselves before the creation of modern psychology and before we had all this luxury to sit down and think of these things. I mean back in the 1700s or earlier.

People talked things out.

Or they worked some hard manual labor and worked it off.

Small boys who were very active were just passed off as energetic boys.

Oh yes, I know there were a lot of problems with life then; I'm not really glamorizing it. I'm just thinking, those people got by just fine without a shrink telling them what was wrong with them.

I think there's far too much pathologizing and not enough mythologizing, to borrow a term.

Everyone's got to have some kind of disability or whatever. Everyone's something. Everyone's either depressed or ADD or ADHD or Asperger's or MPD or BPD or something.

No one is just normal any more...not that there's any such thing anyway. As my friend Shannon always says, "Normal is just a setting on your dryer." No one actually says, "Hey, I am what I am, I have some flaws but it's not anything that prevents me from functioning in my day to day life, so I am not going to be medicated just because everyone else is doing it and it's become like a fashion to have something wrong with oneself!"

I look at myself. I am just me. I'm stubborn. I'm sometimes lazy. I get discouraged at times about a lot of things.

But I'm not going to blame where I am in life on an imaginary mental illness that I know I don't have.

I am here because I made certain choices in my life that I felt I had to make...and did not make other ones because I did not think I was in a position to do so.

Well, there it is. I got it out.


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