Saturday, February 05, 2005

This Is Amusing

I kept a few things that I found in Dad's house...

One is an old, unopened pack of True 100s cigarettes. No, I don't smoke. There's a reason these smokes were kept unopened.

When you look on the back of the pack, you find the Seal of the President of the United States and a statement in script below it that says "Welcome Aboard Air Force One."

I also have some of the ration books from the war -- and they still have some stamps in them.

Old newspapers (mostly the Philadelphia Inquirer) with headlines from the war and that era, such as when Hitler died, the war ended, Roosevelt died, etc.

I find these to be amazing things. It really brings the war home to me personally in a way that studying it in a history book does not.

I have also acquired the habit of keeping old newspapers of significant events. The Challenger and Columbia disasters are things I've kept newspapers of. Princess Diana's death. I'm sure I'll keep the papers when the current Queen dies and Charles ascends the throne. And probably when William gets married.

I've kept TIME magazines of the 9-11 attacks. I've kept all kinds of things like this...because someday someone will look back on all this and go, "Wow..."

I got a lot of the black/white family pics into an album last night. I guess there's only so much of the pics I can take before I get overwhelmed and I have to put it down.

I should shower and get out of here. I'm hungry.


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