Saturday, March 05, 2005

Nice Hammer!

I may change my little icon for the Heathen links to a Thorshammer or a valknut. I like this hammer.


Anonymous Zephyr said...

Well, i am Zephyr, you left a comment on the forums from my website, you left a comment on the following page and i would like to clear a few things up. (

Ok, to beging, i wrote all of that a year or two ago, at the time i was still reading silver ravenwolf. i do still like silver ravenwolf, but i have learned a bit more about her, like the fact that she can be misleading about her information and even just lie about somethings.
But to be fair, readding even a little about what you have wrote, i can see that you yourself are rather oppinionated and full of yourself for example, just from the beginning of your ty heretic post: "I'm so glad someone appreciates the things I post about." See if people dont agree or appriciate what you write doesnt that mean that they have problems with things that you write?
"But, what can I say? It's because I'm a whole human being. My life is not in little pieces." Are you saying that you better or in anyway superior to others who arent "whole" or whos life isnt clear cut or the like?
and lastly from the first few paragraphs "I hope I can just continue doing what I'm doing and not let any kind of praise OR criticism affect me. I want to just be me, do what I do, and that's that. you say that you want to do what you do. well why are you going to other places and then telling these people not to do it? that site is what i did, and i did it because it was so i could keep track of the information i had, and to maybe help others who ask for it.

But to go to the reason why im actualy responding to you. I have read your article on silver ravenwolf, and i do agree with it. and allso to tell you that the site is rather old and not updated and i will probably soon take it down. but i have added you to my favorites list, and will be back to read more of your blog, i am not angry nor hold any dislike toword you in anyway, i was pointing out problems that i saw from the very begining, not much different than you did to silver.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ *snorts* No doesn't dislike you much Chalice, just thinks you're full of yourself and arrogant. But hey, that's not much :-P

I prefer the Icelandic Hammer myself. It's the one I wear. But all Hammers mean the same thing. I really must get you to help me with my template here too.


1:08 PM  
Blogger brainwise said...

That is a nice hammer. The one I wear is fairly simple. It just has a bit of celtic scrolling on it.

2:46 PM  

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