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Yesterday was the 6th annual Acorn Community Goddess Faire. Mystic Grove had a table there and did a little fundraising. Joe sold 5 sets of runes. It was nice out there yesterday. It was held on someone's land...I think it's Shawna's home and land. Anyway, it was enjoyable. Joe and I have two sand chairs that we use when we go to events like this, and they have seen a lot of mileage out of our buns!

I did find myself scratching my head and wondering about the fashion show, however. No, it wasn't a literal fashion show, but there were a lot of people there - mostly women did this - who were dressed in layers upon layers of medieval clothing, and in FL at this time of year it's quite warm. Not blazing hot, but enough to where layers would be terribly uncomfortable. And no one was removing said layers as the temperature climbed during the day. People just wanted to look like medieval peasantry, I suppose, and so they did. But brilliantly colored medieval peasantry. Kym Dragon showed up swathed in pink and cream, for example, with dark blue petticoats underneath her pink dress and cream bodice. Someone else did something completely different and dressed in black vinyl pants, which is hotter than hell. And just about everyone of both genders wore some kind of tall boots, not to mention the full capes and cloaks I was seeing. You'd think it was winter!

No, for me, when I go to outdoor events like this, it's plain jeans & a T shirt all the way. And I'll bring a sweater if I get cold once the sun goes down. Oh, and let's not forget comfortable, sturdy shoes that will protect my feet against "curse burrs" and fire ants. My moccasins did just fine for that purpose. I wore long pants yesterday for that very reason - protection from sun, burrs, ants and mosquitoes. This IS Florida, after all. Yeah, I got slightly warm, but not unbearably so. I also had my golf umbrella to shade me from the sun -- I'd forgotten my sunscreen, so I just opened my umbrella over my head and made do with that. Worked just fine - I only got slightly pink in my face and that's it. Heather wore a spaghetti-strap top and no sunscreen and didn't sit in the shade - and got burned. She's very fair.

Saw Stacey/Morgaine at the Goddess Faire. She ignored Mystic Grove completely. I chose not to do ritual with her, because I can't stand in circle with her. I just don't see how it's possible to stand in a religious ceremony designed to strengthen community with a person I have a lot of anger towards, and whom I feel has wronged me and owes me an apology. Of course, she was being her usual snotty-ass self and talking only to those people she thought were cool enough for her attentions. Thankfully, no one else in Mystic Grove participated in that circle either, including Joe. I was hoping at least he would sit out the ceremony in solidarity with me.

Besides, I'm doing the Ostarablot next weekend anyway. No sense in doing two rituals for one holiday. I reserve that kind of activity for Jul.

Joe did make an interesting comment, however, on the drive home. As we watched the Ostara circle from our table, he noticed that Kym Dragon had people kneeling during the invocation. Joe has serious problems approaching the Gods on his knees. Even if he didn't have knee problems from having run track in his youth, he wouldn't kneel before the Gods. Esp. considering they invoked Odin and Ostara during that ritual, and Odin is the God he's specifically dedicated to!

When I write up a ritual or blot, there's no kneeling or even sitting involved. People are on their feet for the whole rite. Dignified. Of course, I don't keep them there for very long, as I know feet get sore from just standing around.

I'm debating on how I'm going to write up the Ostarablot. I'm considering using a particular story from the Eddas, the Skirnismal for this blot. Last year I did the theft of Idunna's apples, which seemed to me a perfectly good myth for this time of year. I'm going to try this one this year and see if I like it better. Joe had commented that the Idunna story didn't seem quite right for the season, and I can't figure out why, so I thought to myself, "Well, there's no harm in trying something different to see if it works; it's the only way to find out" and going with the Skirnismal this year. If I don't like it, I'll go with the Idunna story instead from here on out. Hey, I offered that rite to Mystic Grove to put it into a book of rituals, sort of like a Book of Shadows. Why not use it year after year? That's what a RITUAL is, after all!

Pity there's little lore on Ostara Herself. I just can't find any stories about Her and what She does and how She interacts with other Gods or the Jotun or whatever. Oh, I know what Her symbols are - rabbits, hares, eggs, flowers, all that spring stuff. Everything you see for Easter are Ostara symbols. But, because there's not much out there on Ostara Herself, that's why I'm considering enacting the Skirnismal or doing it as a guided meditation. I'm leaning towards guided meditation, myself.

Yesterday during the ritual at the Goddess Faire, there was a lot of emphasis on balance, because this is the Vernal Equinox coming up. Night and day are equal, balanced. But the thing is...balance does not lead to progress. Progress is controlled imbalance. Just watch what happens when you walk. Taking each step is an exercise in controlled imbalance. Even the Tao Te Ching says, "If you would be whole, let yourself be partial." It's something of a paradox, that's for sure. Balance means standing still, going nowhere, stagnation. I've noticed that the word "balance" is such a buzzword among Pagans, yet have most of them really examined balance?

Ah, but if you ask someone like Morgaine, that snotty wench, I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm a dumbass and not worthy to be listened to or even given the time of day.

Hah. I made a damned impact on her. I got her pissed off, I got her to lose control and flame me, and I still have enough of an impact for her to make it a point to ignore me -- so in a sense, she's not ignoring me. She's silently validating me and acknowledging that I'm enough of a problem to her for her to ignore me. *evil grin*

There IS a dark and perverse part of me that asks, who's pulling the strings here, then? Who is the REAL power here? Of course, I didn't talk to her either. No one in Mystic Grove spoke to her. But she's the one who took herself out of our group. She's the one who threw her hands up and flounced out in a puff of drama. No one asked her to leave. No one told her not to come back. In fact, Chip sent her a welcoming email inviting her to change her mind, but she refused. Ever since then she's pointedly refused to speak to ANYONE in Mystic Grove when she sees us around. This should get interesting, given that Mystic Grove is looking to do a lot more work with WRCF, and she's very into WRCF. (Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida - and personally I think they should consider changing their name if not everyone in that organization is Wiccan...and not only that, it goes to show a tiny bit of that Wiccan arrogance, assuming that Wicca = Pagan and all other forms of Paganism aren't valid...I think that having an organization that calls itself "Wiccan" anything yet is open to non-Wiccan forms of Pagan spirituality only reinforces attitudes like Stacey's so she feels she CAN throw "perfect love and perfect trust" up in faces of people like ME who don't bother with it...)

Ah well, I'd better get on with writing the Ostarablot. It's being held next Saturday, and it's not likely I'll have a lot of time during the week to do this.


Blogger Morgaine said...


a link to your blog was posted on MediaGirl, where I'm a contributor. I just want to clarify that I am not the Morgaine to which you refer in your post.


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Blogger brainwise said...

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Blogger brainwise said...

OK. Once more ... with fewer typos. :)

It is possible that Ostara was not a goddess. There are very few (one?) references to an actual goddess named Ostara (or Eostre) in the lore. Some scholars are of the opinion that early christians assumed Ostara was a goddess when the folk were merely talking about the season/festival.

So I approach Ostara as a holy day that honors all goddesses and the celebrates the renewed Earth. It is a time to reflect on creative energy (particularly the power to create life: feminine/goddess energy, of course).

But that's just me.

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